We offer the following:

  1. Analysis
    We use state of the art analytical and diagnostic tools to determine the physical failure modes.
    We will collect and interpret vibration data, and combine it with our analysis of the physical evidence to help you understand the failure mechanisms, and how to prevent future failures.
    Rolling Element Bearings
    Send us your rolling element bearings for a thorough independent evaluation conducted in accordance with ISO standards. Our report tells you the primary failure mode, collateral damage and corrective action necessary to prevent another failure.
    Vibration and Reliability Department Gap Analysis
    We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of vibration analysis and reliability departments.
  2. Training
    Failure Mode Identification Level I
    Learn how to recognize and identify what caused a failure from the physical evidence every failure leaves.
    Analytical Tools & Techniques Level II
    Learn how to use advanced analytical tools and methods to correctly identify failure roots.
    Rolling Element Bearings
    Learn how to identify the different failure modes and eliminate their causes. You will be able to reduce failures and increase bearing reliability.
  3. Analytical Tools & Resources
    Pocket Guides
    Rolling Element Bearings - Failure Mode Identification & Vibration Analysis Pocket Guide.
    Failure Mode Identification
    Vibration Fault Guide from Full Spectrum Diagnostics.
    Vibration Techniques Guide from Full Spectrum Diagnostics.
    Wall Charts
    Failure Mode Identification
    Vibration Analysis
    Time Waveform Analysis
  4. Publications
    Articles and Papers
    White Papers