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Send us your rolling element bearings for a detailed and thorough independent analysis of the physical failure modes.  We analyze the physical evidence, lubrication, design and installation practices.  Our analysis will tell you what countermeasures may be taken to prevent future failures.

We have specified, installed and maintained thousands of rolling element bearings in a wide range of industries.  Use our expertise to solve your bearing problems.

  1. ISO failure modes - A clear, concise, and thorough analysis

    Rolling contact fatigue - surface or subsurface origin
    Wear - abrasive and adhesive
    Corrosion - Moisture, fretting or false brinelling
    Electrical erosion - excessive voltage or stray current
    Plastic deformation - debris denting, overload or installation damage
    Fracture - overload, fatigue or thermal stress
  1. Lubrication - Is it correct?

    Speed and load
    Viscosity and additives - suitability for speed, load and temperature
    Relubrication interval - amount and frequency
  1. Design - What are the limitations?

    Radial and axial loads
    Parasitic loads
    Equivalent radial load and life
  1. Installation - Will it help maximize bearing life?

    Shaft and housing geometry and accuracy
    Shaft and housing fits
    Bearing internal clearance
  1. Countermeasures - Steps that will help prevent future failures.

    Priortized by cost and effectiveness
    Optimize lubrication
    Installation methods
    How to minimize contamination
    Design for reliable operation