Rolling Element Bearing Technology

Purpose and Scope

This course is designed to provide the experienced maintenance and reliability professional with the necessary knowledge, skills, and analytical tools to determine why a rolling element bearing failed and how to prevent a future failure. The skills needed to identify the physical failure mode, vibration characteristics of different failure modes, determine the applied load, required internal clearance, shaft and housing dimensions, required preload or clearance, precision, lubrication, cleanliness, thermal effects, and life modification factors are presented in this course. Inspection and analysis techniques are practiced by the participants.

Hands on exercises and spreadsheets, using a variety of failed bearings, will be analyzed by participants to develop identification and analysis competencies. How to identify surface and subsurface origin damage, normal and abnormal raceway traces, ISO failure modes and their vibration characteristics, verify bearing and lubrication selection is demonstrated. Participants spend approximately 50% of the class time using a variety of failed bearings, case studies, and worksheets to learn and develop identification, analysis, and calculation skills.


After completing this course, participants will be able to examine failed bearings and machinery, identify the ISO failure mode, verify load, installation and lubrication parameters so they can describe countermeasures to prevent repeated failures. They will be able to:

• Identify ISO failure modes
• Recognize the vibration characteristics of ISO failure modes
• Identify normal and abnormal raceway traces
• Calculate equivalent radial load for common applications
• Determine when preload or internal clearance is required
• Calculate L10 life
• Apply life modification factors
• Determine correct mounting and precision specifications
• Determine the appropriate lubricant
• Specify relubrication intervals and amounts
• Identify common nomenclature and interchanges of rolling element bearings
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