Guidance of The Failure Analysis Process and Participants Creates Soluions

  1. Experience

    Sometimes it is important to have an independent experienced third party guide your organization through failure analysis.   It is appropriate for organizations that are new to failure analysis or have experienced a disruptive event.
  1. Guidance

    We will guide you through the vital steps that create robust effective failure analysis of extreme events or the skills and thought processes for shirt sleeve analysis of samll repetitive events.
  1. Communication and Organization

    The basic tenets of facilitation are content and process.
    Content is what gets talked about.
    Process is how the activities and discussion happens and how decisions are made.
    We will facilitate your content and processes so they will lead to your desired outcome.
  1. Meetings

    A failure analysis often requires meetings.
    It is vital these meetings stay on course, utilize people's unique knowledge and skills and help produce an effective failure analysis.
    We will help you structure, plan and organize meetings to produce the best most effective failure analysis results.