Our capabilities:

  1. Methodology

    Our failure analysis is comprehensive:

    Our systematic analysis of a failed part begins with visual and low power microscopic inspection. Depending on the initial inspection results, we may use higher power optical magnification, SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy), EDS (Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy), penetrant testing, hardness testing, and hardness testing. The results of these tests may lead into additional destructive testing including metallography analysis, and if the part is large enough or additional material is available, tensile or impact testing.

    Our analysis goes beyond typical failure analysis to include vibration analysis, repair procedures and maintenance history, and operating data to discover failure modes and contributing factors.

    We are able to collect and interpret vibration data for EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis), ODS (Operating Deflection Shape) analysis, shaft orbits, vibration spectra and run up / coast down testing.

    Years of experience in equipment reliability gives us the unique ability to review repair history, maintenance procedures and operating data to discover hidden roots of a failure.

    Our analysis will tell you what needs to be done to prevent another failure.

  1. Analytical Equipment
    Rockwell hardness
    Brinell hardness
    Vickers micro hardness
    Tensile strength
    Charpy impact
    Fatigue strength
    Optical Microscopy
    Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy
    Scanning Electron Microscopy