By Practicioners of Practicioners - Useful, actionable information!

Reliable equipment requires reliable people, technology and organizational processes.  Many Plant Reliability and Predictive Maintenance groups struggle to live up to their promise of increased equipment reliability .  This may occur for a variety of causes:  Is the right hardware and software being used?   Do people have the necessary training and skills?   Do they have the opportunity and time to use them?   Do the plant and maintenance management have the right skills and knowledge to lead and manage Pdm and reliability programs?  

A Reliability Solutions analysis of your Reliability or Predictive group will examine the people, technology and processes used in your plant, answer these and many other questions you may have.  Reliability Solutions will objectively and completely evaluate technology, people, and organizational processes so you will know what is working well, what can be improved and what you can do.

  1. Safety - The most important component!

  1. Roles and responsibilities - Are they defined, accepted and implemented?

  1. Communication and engagement - How does it happen and is it effective?

  1. Problem solving - Is it efficient and effective?

  1. Leadership - Can the organization handle new challenges?  Will it be able to adapt to change?

  1. Work processes - Is the work planned and scheduled?  Is it prioritized?

  1. Work identification - Is corrective action clearly identified?

  1. Work accomplishment - Are routes and analysis done on time?

  1. Documentation - Is it clear & concise?  Can the information be used?