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When things don’t go as anticipated……

Determining the functional failure is straightforward but not always sufficient to understand what really happened.  We recognized that in order for any failure analysis process to be effective, analysis of physical evidence was vital.

Without correct analysis of the physical evidence, failure analysis processes require substantial time and effort, may be wrong or produce impractical solutions.

You don’t always have the time and resources to analyze physical evidence!  

Our mission is to provide you with analytical resources, so your analysis of the physical evidence is correct, efficient, and effective.  You can focus on the human and latent roots of a failure.  

Our business is helping practitioners like you identify physical failure mode(s) and taking the steps needed to eliminate future failures.  

Our analysis is practical and thorough.   The services and training we provide are backed by decades of hands-on experience in plant maintenance, engineering, failure analysis and education.

On 22 October 1895, the Granville to Paris and Montparnasse express was several minutes late as it approached its Paris Montparnasse terminal. In an effort to make up lost time, the train approached the station faster than usual.  When the driver attempted to apply the air brake, it was faulty or ineffective.  The locomotive brakes alone were insufficient to stop the train, It crashed through a 60-centimeter (24 in) thick wall.

What you discover today determines what you do tomorrow!