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We noticed that most web sites tend to be serious.  We thought why not have a little fun with ours.  We are very serious about our business and the work we do for our clients.  But….we also like to have a little fun from time to time.  Woof!

About Us

Reliability Solutions was founded in 2001 in response to a demand for practical effective failure mode identification services.

Our business is helping equipment reliability practitioners like you identify physical failure modes and taking the steps needed to eliminate future failures.  Our analysis is practical and thorough.  The services and training we provide are backed by decades of hands-on experience in plant maintenance, engineering, failure analysis and education.

You may analyze a handful of failures in a year.  We analyze dozens of failures every year.  What may seem like an intractable problem to you is very likely one we have seen before.


     Licensed Professional Engineer

     Level III Vibration Analyst

     Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional

     MT & PT Level II 

Our Mission

It’s pretty straightforward.

Provide analytical services will help you discover what caused a failure.

Most importantly, describe what needs to be done to prevent a future failure. 

What you discover today determines what you do tomorrow!